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Watch Scarface – Money. Power. Respect. Women. These are the things that motivate Cuban immigrant, Tony Montana. Scarface follows Tony Montana as he goes from an off-the-boat Cuban refugee to a powerful drug lord in.

Cuban-American actor Steven Bauer, known for his iconic performance as Manny in "Scarface," sits down with Alyona to discuss his role on the new smash hit Showtime drama "Ray Donovan.".

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For nearly a decade now, there have been reports floating around of a potential Scarface remake. While there are folks who see the 1983 Al Pacino movie as an untouchable classic, Hollywood.

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Raising Cain doesn’t rank with Brian De Palma’s best work, but John Lithgow’s spellbinding split-personality performance makes this thriller hard to dismiss. STREAM IT HERE.

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