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Nevertheless, Digital Blasphemy took the top spot with 38% of the overall vote. Hot on its heels with just under 31% was WallBase.cc. In third place with 15% of the vote was InterfaceLift, and just.

There are lots of Material-inspired apps out there, but Wally, a Wallbase.cc wallpaper browser, is one of the nicest yet. Released last weekend, Wally is a simple, pretty, and functional wallpaper app.

Best Android Apps and Websites For Free HD Smartphone Wallpapers – While this might not be the official app for wallpaper database Wallbase.cc, it happens to an efficient one. It lets you pick, set and save popular, random and tagged wallpapers from Wallbase’s.

I have this problem on my website. When i move to the randomize section of my page it loads slow. It’s ment to fetch alot of images, but it loads pretty slow, also the window freezes until the jQuery.

Wally, a wallpaper app for Android that pulls from Wallbase.cc, popped up on Google Play at the end of last week as a great example of a developer putting Material Design to use. The app utilizes.

If you’re after some new desktop images, Desktoppr and Wallbase.cc are a couple of my favorite resources. Desktop cleanup programs aren’t quite as ubiquitous as they used to be—Microsoft had an.

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