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Toonami Archives FULL ARCHIVE   Part 1   Classic EraCrunchyroll and Adult Swim Expand Partnership for Toonami Anime Block – Adult Swim and Crunchyroll announced a new programming partnership that would expand their distribution deal, making the anime-streaming service the premiere content partner for Toonami, the anime.

New episodes will be added to the each week and previous installments will be available in the Toonami Jetstream archive. Written by Yumi Hotta and drawn by Takeshi Obata, Hikaru No Go tells the story.

According to representatives from Toonami, the programmers behind the block were informed.

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Cartoon Network Hotel announces opening date However, unlike its animation-focused competitors in Disney and Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network then laid a clear path for aging pre-teens and teenagers like.

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Each week, new episodes are added to the site while previous episodes will also be available for a limited time through the Toonami Jetstream archive. We are pleased to announce that the EYESHIELD 21.

After more than a year, the anime brought its English dub to a close on Toonami. The show’s final episode went live.

Network’s ratings went live with the results of the finale. CN Schedule Archive.

Toonami was carried over to Adult Swim since 2012. Unfortunately, though, Cartoon Network just looks like complete bullcrap. They are ruining the network with crap that is completely unnecessary. The.