Tartuffe Script

Director Jane Page chose to work with Constance Congdon’s adaptation of Tartuffe, which updates the text to rhyming verses.

to their characters that capture the essence of Moliere’s Tartuffe in a.

At university, he studied the humanities, specifically literature, philosophy, and rhetoric. Moliere’s play, Tartuffe, is an example of an enlightened text because of the use of reason and rationale.

Tartuffe - the complete stage play“Tartuffe” by Moliére – Tartuffe tries to seduce Orgon’s wife Elmire but is exposed.

and Bible–none of which are used. Wilbur’s text does not call for an altar. Director Hardman appears to have offered his cast three.

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Labriola has been working with Caisley on some adjustments to his script for “Tartuffe,” which is making its Midwest premiere with Drama Group. We can’t do it without you. Support local journalism.

Find your bookmarks by selecting your profile name. Editor’s note: This review of Tartuffe is from the 2017 run. The Stratford Festival production is now on at Canadian Stage (presented with Crow’s.

Tartuffe has a storyline that appeals to every age.

The distorted caricatures are funny and the script makes contact with real life. Orgon becomes Morgan, an impotent clot whose irascible wife,

Tartuffe (Brent Harris) is a con man who has weaseled his way.

which plays more like a skillful recitation of the script rather than a vibrant, kinetic performance. Performers do fine work to.

When he does arrive, US star O’Hare is impressively skin crawly. One of the script’s more subtle aspects is that Tartuffe is never explained away – we’re led to believe his vague European-ness is a.