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“Among the women, Julianne Moore was the most fulfilling co-star I ever had [Moore starred as the mother of Moretz’s Carrie in the 2013 remake of the classic 1976 horror movie, based on a Stephen King.

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The standard complaint when it comes to adaptations of Stephen King books is that the film and television productions.

It’s a gamble so many writers and directors have taken with a few ("Salem’s.

Linda loved animals, especially cats, rock and roll music and any horror novel or movie by Stephen King. Florida vacations were a must.

Cindy, Susie and Carrie (Kiki), who was her best friend and.

Michael Hodges, a recent Missoula transplant from Chicago, grew up as a Stephen King junkie. He even refers to the horror.

just like his hero did with his debut, "Carrie." Hodges said that producer.

Authors and film adaptations – additional information Forbes has documented the novelist Stephen King’s annual earnings from May 2010 to June 2018. King began writing in the 1970s and published his.

Talking Volumes: Stephen King on "Carrie"CARRIE, The Musical – THE BASICS: This is the WNY premiere of the infamous stage version of the film hit of 1976, from a novel by Stephen King. This ART of WNY production.

IN SUM: Despite its roots in horror, CARRIE,

‘The Kings of Maine’ – Logline: Struggling writer Stephen King works as a janitor as he completes work on his book, "Carrie." a persuasive character; the personification of evil, being he is Stephen King’s alternate ego who.

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We can now add Carrie to the list and that’s despite the director Kimberly ­Peirce trying to stay more true to the Stephen King source material than Brian De Palma managed. The 1976 horror classic.