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Cantu believes Derek’s death was preventable, and that he sustained second impact syndrome — a condition that occurs when the brain swells rapidly after a person suffers.

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John Lennon’s death in 1980 shocked.

handing him a copy of their recent album, Double Fantasy, to sign. Later that night, The Beatles star returned home with Ono to find Chapman having waited.

What if a sole heir to an underworld empire decides to avenge the death of his father by faking.

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Wilco’s Jeff Tweedy went deep on the making of the band’s new album, Ode to Joy, and many other topics.

For all his songs that reference ghosts, Tweedy isn’t sure if he believes in life after death.

Pimp C - Life After Death [Full Mixtape + Download Link] [2008]Why we never see Lea Michele anymore – As far as her personal life goes, this year has.

with her debut album Louder (2014) making it to number 4 on the Billboard 200 chart in the US. This was released not long after the death of.

After the singer David Berman’s death at age 52 last week, the albums that fans turned to included 1998.

His songs could almost be described with the genre tag “Americana”; his life can’t be.

Three years after his death in November of 2016, there’s a new Leonard Cohen album. It’s called Thanks for the Dance.

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Linkin Park Music Floods Chart, Sales Surge 5,300% After Chester Bennington’s Death – Linkin Park’s music is flooding back into charts worldwide after the tragic death of singer Chester Bennington.

is leading in the U.K. Official Albums Chart race, followed by Lana Del Rey with Lust.

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